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Tumbling CLASSES



​Tumbling classes have a 1:10 coach to athlete ratio. Athletes will work on tumbling technique and advancing their tumbling skills. Our classes are a 60 minute structured session, once a week. Fall & Spring Tumbling 

classes are mandatory for all of our competitive team members, however classes are open to non-members as well. Classes are divided by skill level. Athletes must have mastered their skills in the previous level to be eligible for the class. No exceptions will be made for this rule. All classes are age 6+ unless otherwise specified 

Tumbling classes run in two main sessions (Fall & Spring) as well as specialty classes in the summer months.

Please see our summer tumbling class information below:



Private tumbling lessons are offered to any athlete of any level. You do not need to be a member of an Island Elite team to be eligible for privates. Private lessons are recommended for anyone seeking one-on-one instruction to improve their tumbling at a rapid pace. Privates can be done with a one athlete to one coach, two athletes to one coach or three athletes to one coach ratio. We currently have 7 BCSC certified coaches who can offer private tumbling lessons.  

Please contact us by email at to book you private lesson.

Prices are as follows:

$40/athlete - 45 minute private (1:1)
$35/athlete - 45 minute private (2:1)
$30/athlete - 45 minute private (3:1)

Flyer Strength & Flexibility

This class is open to all athletes regardless of their stunt position. We highly recommended this class to athletes who are designated as flyers on their team. This class will focus on full body flexibility and specific flyer positions used while stunting. Additionally we will develop core strength, balance and muscle stabilization geared towards flying skills.

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