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We offer a wide range of cheer teams and tumbling classes at Island Elite. Please check out our pages under the programs tab for more information on the teams, classes, and camps offered within our program. Schedules for each class can be found on their page under the programs tab above. Registration for our Cheer Teams & Classes (both competitive & recreational) must done on  DESKTOP DEVICE. Please scroll down for registration links below.

Our registration takes place ONLINE. All you need to do is click the "register" link beside the team or class on the list below. For assistance in determining which cheer team or class is best for your child please see the information on the "Competitive Cheer", "Recreational Cheer" or "Tumbling Classes" page under the programs tab above or email us at 


Once you register you will have your own account in our system. You can access this account or "portal" at any time through the Login button on our "Members" page to make payments or enrol in further classes. To set your password and access your portal for the first time head over to the Registration Tab > Portal Tech Help.



Tuition is charged on the 15th day of each month for teams. Fees are charged on the first day of the session for Camps & Classes. 


Team/Class Levels:

Please find the skill grid based off the IASF Cheer Rules on our "Tumbling Classes" page to help you understand what tumbling skills pertain to each level - not every single skill on the list is required for the athlete to be in that level BUT it is a good reference point to understand where your child is best fit and which level they are ready for.


If you are not sure which team or class is the best fit for you/your child, please email us at to discuss our recommendation and book a private assessment or free trial practice.


*A one time $75.00 registration fee will be charged to each new athlete when joining a team. This does not apply to tumbling classes. 


*Registration cannot be done through a mobile device. 

**REGISTRATION FOR ALL 2022-2023 CHEER TEAMS IS FULL. Some tumbling classes may still have space. See "openings" below on a desktop device to show spaces left in each class. Our next cheer intake will be our Spring, Intro to Cheer class in March & 2023-2024 competitive Tryouts in June**

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