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At Island Elite, our coaches are a handpicked group of knowledgeable and caring people who have experienced cheerleading at the collegiate, national, or worlds levels. In addition to their own experience in cheer, we hire our staff based off of their professional experience working with children in a variety of settings. Our coaches experiences range from previous cheerleading coaching, gymnastics coaching, summer camp leading or childcare settings. Each of our carefully selected staff members bring diversity and value to our program from their own unique background.

Although coaches enter the program with valuable past experience, it is required that every prospective coach go through a volunteer period with us ranging from 6-40 weeks. Once our coaches have completed their volunteer period where they learn our gyms coaching philosophy's and techniques they must complete a list of requirements including online courses and face to face skill testing to ensure they are qualified to coach the sport of cheerleading. Our coaches must meet all of the following requirements set out by our Provincial Sport Organisation, BC Sport Cheer and our program to ensure that our athletes are lead and mentored by skilled and qualified coaches.


We also have a "Junior Coach" program for younger athletes within the program that are interested in becoming a coach in the future and gaining volunteer hours! If you are interested in becoming a coach or junior coach at Island Elite Cheerleading please email us at


Coaching Requirements:


One Time Requirement

  1. Basic coaching course. One of the three options are required.

  2. OR NCCP Planning a Practice and Making Ethical Decisions 

  3. OR submit a coaching CV with a short statement on what other training you have completed to fulfill this requirement.

    • As of June 2017 option C will not be available and all coaches MUST have 1a OR 1b.

  4. Respect in Sport for Activity Leaders


Requirement to be completed every three years

  1. Cheer specific level credentialing. One of the two options are required.

    • Valid (non-expired) IASF/USASF certification

    • OR ICU certification (BCCA)

  2. Valid Emergency First Aid & CPR training​

  3. Criminal record check​

  4. Concussion training (below) OR NCCP Making Head Way

Further information on the BC Cheerleading Association coaching requirements and credentialing can be found here:

BC Sport Cheer Coaching Requirements

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