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Private Lessons


Private tumbling lessons are offered to any athlete of any level. You do not need to be a member of an Island Elite team to be eligible for privates. Private lessons are recommended for anyone seeking one-on-one instruction to improve their tumbling at a rapid pace. Privates can be done with a one athlete to one coach, two athletes to one coach or three athletes to one coach ratio. All Coaches at Island Elite offering private lessons are certified by BC Sport Cheer up to the level they will be teaching.

Please contact us by email at to book you private lesson.

Prices are as follows:

$40/athlete - 45 minute private (1:1)
$35/athlete - 45 minute private (2:1)
$30/athlete - 45 minute private (3:1)

Join The Waitlist!

Please fill out the following form to join our private lesson waitlist. Private lessons are scheduled on a first come first serve basis. Island Elite competitive cheer members are also prioritized on the list. Additionally, members who are willing to book on a consistent basis will be prioritized. Private lessons are booked in sets of 4 weeks at a time. You will be contacted by email when a lesson slot becomes available to you. Please understand that there is high demand for private lessons with little availability at this time. Fill out the waitlist form *HERE*

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