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Updated March 11th 2022


Island Elite Cheerleading Health & Safety Protocols:


Spectators & Lobby: Drop off & pick up recommended. Limited space available in lobby for viewing. Only athletes & coaches are permitted inside the gym space however, family members may watch from the lobby on a first come first serve basis. Spectators are recommended to wear masks while in the lobby. There is no capacity limit, but we ask that you please respect others and do not over crowd the space. Athletes may enter the gym 15 minutes ahead of time at the MOST. Spectators should give athletes priority to use the lobby as a waiting area for the 15 minutes right before the next class. Athletes must enter through the front door and we recommend exiting through the rear door (near the bay door facing the parking lot). Upon entrance, athletes must complete the self health survey reading through the list posted at the entrance & use hand sanitizer before entering the gym. 

Masks: Masks are not required upon entry, exit, and during training. However, if athletes would prefer to wear a mask during training that is more than okay.
Illness: If sick, and displaying covid like symptoms, please take a rapid test. If you have covid-19 please follow public health guidelines and do not attend practice until you are deemed "out of isolation". If you do not have covid, but have a flu or cold and have a fever or are vomiting please do not come to practice. If you have a common cold but are physically well enough to come to practice, please wear a mask and come to practice whether that be to sit and observe, or participate in a modified way. We do not want to spread germs, but we also want to consider the importance of attendance any time possible (Updated November 1st 2022).
Personal Belongings: Athletes in classes will use our cubbies in the lobby for their belongings. Please limit the amount of personal belongings that are being brought into the gym, the only items necessary are a water bottle, phone, and keys. Personal belongings should only be stored inside your cubbies. 
Cleaning: All equipment will be sanitized regularly. Athletes may be asked to wipe down their equipment and the expectation is that they cooperate with all health & safety guidelines. All equipment and high touch surfaces such as door handles, light switches, and taps will be sanitized regularly. 

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